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Implement Recommendations

During your initial engagement with CogSec Ltd you will have learned your current security process with both it’s weaknesses and its strengths. You will also be browsing through the recommendations provided to you and may decide that you need assistance with carrying them out.
That’s where Cog Security can really put you in the driving seat of security improvements. Once the list of recommendations to adopt is agreed then we will work with you to make them a reality.

Some recommendations are conceptual, some physical and some in process or software. When combined they will bring your Vulnerability Management programme to a new level of effectiveness.

The change is meant to be a lasting one. To achieve this we offer two key differentiators:

  • We provide documentation for the improvements made.
    We provide training to staff to transfer the skills applied in this engagement into your business.

Once complete you may want to look at the next stage of security maturity – either Compliance or Web Application Security.