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CogSec Ltd offers the following:

Bringing Value

Vulnerability Management is not a product that can be bought in. There also needs to be a process to use the product to best effect as well as people who define the requirements and eventually use the results of the process to the benefit of the organisation.

CogSec Ltd brings these three parts together to create the real value of a Vulnerability management programme and ensure its success.

Process Workshops

The end to end Vulnerability Management process is assembled via workshops with the CISO, Security Managers, Patch Teams, Service Delivery, QA and other stakeholders. The process is analysed, options are presented and a remediation plan is put in place to improve the performance and efficiency of the process.

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Although security is part and parcel of every employees role it is still frequently pushed over to the security team to deal with. This misses some great opportunities. Security Education and Empowerment of employees has the following overall benefits:

  • Ensures that all employees understand their role in the security of the company.
  • Identify the benefits that the security programme offers them in their work.
  • Raises awareness of security improvements throughout the organisation.