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Are all your systems compliant with your Build Standard ? All of them ?

If they aren’t then what are the variations ? Which is the most common deviation ? Which are the top 10 worst offenders ?

What about compliance with your Security Policy ? Or External Frameworks such as Cobit, SOX, CIS Benchmarks, HIPAA, Microsoft Security Baselines, or many others ?

How many times did you check this year ? Is your information up to date ?

The questions are almost endless but the point is that it’s not easy to know on a continuing basis how compliant you are with Standards and Policies.

What if you could measure and monitor all these items on a frequent or almost realtime basis ? Qualys’ Policy Compliance suite provides just that. CogSec Ltd can help you bring this into your environment and get it right first time.

Whether it’s UNIX, Linux, Cisco, Apache, IIS, Oracle or any flavour of Windows the ability to understand where you are with compliance to mandatory frameworks is a deliverable of Qualys’ Policy Compliance tool and can be brought into effective action quickly with CogSec Ltd’s expertise.